Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Make a beeline to Apple.com

My "Bee" Inkpad drawing has made it to the big show!... I was pretty stoked to find it featured as the Inkpad graphic under Educational apps on the Apple website. Click on the link and scroll down to Art, Music, and Creativity section - then click the Inkpad button.

Screenshot from Apple.com/education/apps

"Bee" was my first serious attempt at illustrating with Inkpad. Inkpad really is an amazing app.
If you're a professional illustrator or aspiring artist, Inkpad has plenty in store for you. You'll be impressed by it's feature set and clean interface. 


  1. Hey, congratulations Ron!
    Well deserved, although it's a little weird that you had to find out yourself.
    I've bought inkpad but haven't played with it yet, still trying to master procreate and sb pro at the moment, but I've bookmarked your tutorials so I'll check them out when I'm ready..

  2. Love your work. Am considering ink pad, but a little intimidated as I have never used any illustrator programs.....

  3. Thanks Jacquie... this is the perfect app to try your hand at illustration :) At $2.99 for Inkpad there's not a lot to lose.

  4. Erik - I did have the heads up on this. Keep up the good procreate and sb pro work!