Friday, 27 May 2011

About DigitalDrawer

Critics and reviewers of the iPad have held that the device is an excellent media consumption device, but less effective at creating content. I have always thought of it as a portable creative studio useful for creating many things like paintings, drawings, music and more.

Recently I discovered an app that rocked my iPad world. Inkpad. It is a vector-based drawing application with a very intuitive, simple to use interface. Having spent many years in the animation and illustration industry, I have merged creativity and technology with software like Adobe Illustrator. Desktop applications like Illustrator, though they are powerful, are expensive and not within the average user's budget. Inkpad currently sells in the iTunes store for $2.99. How good is this app? How does it compare to Illustrator? How does it work? 
Stay tuned.

Below is my first serious attempt at drawing with Inkpad.



  1. Wonderful!! I'm a big fan of all your works i've seen on iPad!

    /Errka in Sweden

  2. I must agree that Inkpad is one hell of a program!
    You (and a few more) inspires me very much! Vector is da shit!

    I left the Windows community for about two years ago. There's only one program I miss from Windows; Xara Xtreme... Have you tried that vector application? Otherwise, I love my Mac, my iPad and the beloved iPhone 4...!

    Keep up the good work - You're the best out there on iPad!!

    /Errka in Sweden