Tuesday 4 February 2014

Time Lapse/Inkpad Update

Far too much time has lapsed since my last post - and here in Canada we are practically up to our eyeballs in snow. So it is somewhat fitting that I resume this blog by posting a time lapse video of an Inkpad illustration of a snowman. This illustration originally took about 45 minutes to complete.

Amazing developments in the Inkpad world since my last post - Late 2013 Inkpad was made FREE in the iTunes Store and is now being developed as open source software. If you're at all interested in using an iPad to create illustrations and/or vector artwork using a professional quality app.. download it today!

It's wonderful to see Inkpad resume regular updates after going a substantial amount of time without updates. My favorite update is to radial gradients which now originate from the center of an object rather than the left side. This saves me editing time  – as you can see by my work/style, I use a lot of "centered" radial gradients.

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